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"Yet another profound humane journey... We are the abyss. The ultimate gift of the void."

Shinrei Complex (previously Shinrei Project) returns after more than 5 years of absence and their debut "Last Songs on Earth". With a complete change in direction, SC delivers a powerful, malignant, macabre and ultimately bleak record which could serve as an endurance test of some bizarre kind. A true penance in audio form which should be carefully digested in a cold, dark place where it really belongs. Surely its seemingly depraved, "sick" and twisted layers containing deeply hidden messages are not everyone's cup of tea, but for someone who does give into careful listening is in for a "treat" of extreme art which violently renders the deranged contemporary world we live in today, gradually descending from sensationalism to complete dehumanization and self-destruction.

It's a must have release for any serious experimental and cinematic dark ambient listener out there.

Produced at Pyramid Human studio in Zagreb, Croatia - through Fall 2015 and Winter 2015/2016.

1 Poison 10:40
2 Deceiver 03:06
3 Humano 29:56
4 Pig 50:49
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Tags cinematic, dark ambient, drone
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Originally released May 10, 2016

Copyright (c) (p) Pyramid Human, 2016.
Artist Shinrei Complex
Release Type LP
Format Download