OMINOUS + PRISONERS LP by Kult of Red Pyramid


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"Kult of Red Pyramid" returns with a long awaited release, now including tracks from the new "PRISONERS" era.

As opposed to the previous double release "BROKEN MIRROR", the materials on this album are much more diverse in style and execution, flirting with (sometimes) trip-hop, EDM, industrial - even alternative rock on the track "PHOENIX" - turning a fine blend of multiple genres and influences into one beautiful whole, proving once again that "Kult of Red Pyramid" is not afraid to explore further.

This is the first fully independent release by the band since 2013.

1 Usurper 05:44
2 The Ether Glitch 03:04
3 Variant Sleep 04:01
4 Don't Tear Me Up 04:54
5 Slow 05:27
6 Ominous 04:13
7 Serpent's Path 04:48
8 Clean Hands 07:30
9 Prisoners 06:53
10 Dormant Tears 03:55
11 Phoenix 05:37
12 Undermine 05:09
13 Spectre 04:56
14 Requiem (bonus track) 04:13
15 In Love With The Devil (bonus track) 06:00
16 Crumbling Hope (bonus track) 05:59
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Tags electronic, ebm, industrial, darkwave, industrial rock
Release Info

Originally released April 23, 2016

Copyright Written, produced, performed, mixed and mastered by Kult of Red Pyramid. Copyright (c) Kult of Red Pyramid via PYRAMID HUMAN, 2016.
Artist Kult of Red Pyramid
Release Type LP
Format Download