Suburban Gehenna

Suburban Gehenna

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The place where you come from can be a blessing or a curse that'll follow you all your life.

The past can be forever haunting if you surrender to it. That's the most painful path you can take.

There's a purgatory somewhere in suburbia and the doors are always open. "Suburban Gehenna" is the band's tenth anniversary release.

1 The Key To Ruin 02:50
2 Suburban Gehenna 07:44
3 Weak Blood 05:17
4 Heritage 09:37
5 Higher 03:58
6 Slow (version) feat. Andrijana Janevska 04:21
7 Play 05:53
8 Suburban Gehenna (clean reprise) 06:21
9 Heathen 02:37
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Tags electronic, darkwave, industrial metal
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Originally released November 11, 2017

Copyright Written, produced, performed, mixed and mastered by Kult of Red Pyramid. Copyright (c) Kult of Red Pyramid via PYRAMID HUMAN, 2017.
Artist Kult of Red Pyramid
Release Type LP
Format Download