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"VAGRANT" EP takes Kult of Red Pyramid into the territory of synthpop/synthwave mixed with touches of darkwave.

It's split into 3 "chapters" separated by cinematic instrumentals marked with (I), which should become a common practice for the band in future releases.

This is the second full release under the band's own PYRAMID HUMAN "entity". Let the music speak for itself.

1 Prelude 01:32
2 Vagrant 05:36
3 Leap of Faith 05:49
4 Rainroom (I) 02:59
5 Meridian 05:24
6 The Compass 05:31
7 Strangers (I) 04:25
8 Lakeview Hotel 05:14
9 Ravager 03:49
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Tags electronic, darkwave
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Released February 14, 2017

Copyright Produced, performed, mixed and mastered by Kult of Red Pyramid. (c) 2017, Kult of Red Pyramid / PYRAMID HUMAN.
Artist Kult of Red Pyramid
Release Type EP
Format Download